Useful Links PDF Print E-mail - Visit the personal website of Dr. Ronda Chervin.

Presentation Ministries - One Bread, One Body: Daily reflection on the Eucharistic readings for over 26 years.

Mike Cumbie & The Micah Project - Visit the website of Michael Cumbie and his Micah Project.

Bob Olson's Blog - Read Bob Olson's blog at Wordpress.

Corpus Christi Watershed - Read Ronda's daily reflections in her blog on the site for Catholic music, art, cinema, etc.

Bride of Christ Community - The Bride of Christ Community is a new ecclesial movement.

Missionaries of the Holy Apostles - Website for the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, based in Cromwell, CT.

Dae Creative Works - Art work by Dae Roydauphinais.

Marty Barrack - Second Exodus - The Catholic Church as Eternal Israel.

Stillpoint Family Resources - Psychological/spiritual help for families – Dr. Ross Porter.

Why I'm Catholic - is a terrific website by converts to the Catholic faith and those who left the Church and returned.

Look for a great book by Thomas K. Sullivan: Called to Knighthood: The sacrament of Confirmation in the Kingdom of the Family of God (Simon Peter Press)  just search Google for the author and title for more information or click here.

Catholics for Israel - teaching the biblical and Jewish roots of the Catholic faith in a way that highlights the ties between Israel and the Church.

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