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The Way of Love: Step by Step – a 100 Day Spiritual Marathon

is a new venture of Dr. Ronda. Why not open it and see if you want to try it? You can open it up on Then if you wish, you can write to Ronda about the insights and inspirations you get at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Way of the Pilgrimess - The Story of Sister Magnificat, as told to Dr. Ronda Chervin


When I lived at Catholic Solitudes as a lay contemplative I met an extraordinary French woman who traveled from Paris to Jerusalem on foot as a pilgrim, lived many years as a contemplative nun and is now a hermit living in France and part of the year in Texas at Catholic Solitudes. I loved her story and decided to write it down so others could be inspired. You'll find an audio reading of this story under Amazing Stories. You can also read the written biography here.

If you want to see a tiny video of Sister Magnificat painting icons, go to and click on Projects and keep scrolling down until you find on the second bunch of project Icons of Sister Magnificat.

Children of the Breath

Dr. Ronda’s husband, Martin Chervin, before his death, wrote a book called Children of the Breath: A Dialogue in the Desert about all that Satan and Jesus might have talked about that isn’t in the New Testament. The real theme of the book was how the reality and person of Jesus is the refutation of all the objections of contemporary man against God.  It was published by CMJ Marian Publishers but is not going out of print and Dr. Ronda has permission to find another publisher. In the meantime, she put it up for free under free Spiritual Books so you can read it here.

Signs of Love: About the Sacraments

Many years ago I wrote a book called Church of Love. It went into several editions. Now, the gist of it is a leaflet called Signs of Love: About the Sacraments.  It is #4 on hard-hitting evangelistic leaflets. You can read it here.

Six Steps to Holiness

A booklet by Dr. Ronda on spiritual growth. You can read it here.


Weeping with Jesus: The Journey from Grief to Hope

By Ronda Chervin, Ph.D. As one who lost many family members in a short period of time, this book is a sharing of what I learned and wisdom found in other writers. It includes chapters on the pain of loss, coping with doubt about eternal life, how the saints dealt with grief, etc. You can read it here.

Kiss from the Cross

By Ronda Chervin, Ph.D. A Saint for Every Kind of Suffering is one of Dr. Ronda's best books, recently out of print. You can read it here. Here is the beginning of Bob’s audio version:

Kiss from the Cross - Intro

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 1

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 2

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 3

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 4

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 5

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 6

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 7

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 8

Kiss from the Cross - Chapter 9


Living In Love: About Christian Ethics

For many years Dr. Ronda has been teaching out of this book, long out of print, about Christian Ethics. Spirituality without ethics is extremely incomplete. For Christians, Jesus is the Lord of our Lives, including our decisions.  Perhaps you were brought up in a Christian Church but left or in other faith communities or with no religious background. You may want to look into the beautiful moral teachings in this book. You can read the book here. Audio of this book will be posted soon.


Battle for 20th Century Mind

One of the best books I ever wrote was never finished or published but it is just as important now as when I first wrote it in 2002. It is called The Battle for the 20th Century Mind and it has contrasting ideas and excerpts from such thinkers as William James vs. G.K. Chesterton, Hitler vs. Gandhi, Freud vs. Frankl, Skinner vs. Von Hildebrand, Sartre vs. John Paul II and many others. Check it out now here


Many years ago Ronda wrote a book with Sister Mary Neill, O.P. called Bringing the Mother with You: Healing Meditations on the Mysteries of Mary in the Rosary. It went out of print and it is now available as a free e-book. Click here to view.


Anger Social Justice Review

This is only an article, not a book, but since Ronda rarely writes articles we are putting it under free spiritual books. You can read the .pdf article here.


Healing of Rejection with the Help of the Lord

by Ronda Chervin, Ph.D.

This book includes these chapters: Fantasy, Anxiety about Loss, Despair, Fresh Fantasies, Real Love. It traces fictional stories of rejections in romantic situations, in parent/child, ministry, and includes witness stories involving divorce, and other types of rejection. These chapters will be added in coming weeks. This book is also in the written form on free e-books; you can view it here.

Session 1 -

Session 2 -

Session 3 -

Session 4 -

Session 5 -


Give Me your Heart: Preparing for Eternal Life

Excerpts from the writings of Charles Rich edited by Ronda which is displayed on this web-site as a booklet. This is an ideal book for those of you who like short passages on spirituality to meditate on and to give to friends not likely to read long books. It is arranged by state of the reader's soul such as "when you feel disgusted, resentful, anxious, etc."

Click here to download the full e-book in print format.


Called by Name - Following a personal spirituality,  by Ronda Chervin.

Click here to view in .pdf format.

Note: this e-book is in print format so you should note the page order.

Click the green play button below for a direct audio feed of this book, read by Bob Olson.

Spirituality of the Emotions:

A 7 Session Program for Individuals and Groups. (For a free, printable hard copy of this series, click here.)


Session 1 - Introduction

Session 2 - Moods

Session 3 - Friendliness vs Indifference

Session 4 - Irritation vs Acceptance

Session 5 - Anger vs Peace

Session 6 - Boredom and Annoyance vs Zealous Loving Service

Session 7 - Disappointment and Despair vs Gratitude and Hope

Voyage to Insight:
Ronda Chervin, co-author Lois August Janis

One of Dr. Ronda's best books, Voyage to Insight co-authored with Lois Janis, is now back in print.  It is an interactive book where the reader forms his or her own philosophy of life in response to quotations from great thinkers through the ages.  The book is available in various formats from, here.

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